TricksWorld 99: [How to]Get google results through sms for free- 9773300000


[How to]Get google results through sms for free- 9773300000

[How to]Get google results through sms for free- 9773300000

Hello Everyone,
Google which is the information world,it provides us each and every result about the information we are looking  in seconds. But Some of us want to get the results wherever we go so we have data packages to search our queries.But still we find difficulty i mean we may not have data packages or we use low version mobiles and needs some important information in critical situations like getting information about Locations of Some local businesses ,Meanings of Words ,Weather forecast ,Movie show timing ,Prices of Product and yes even much more just free of cost.
All you need to do is just Sms your query to google which is just free of cost and you will get the information in seconds.

Before 3months this service was available in India and USA. Now it may or may not be available for other contry people.Just Give a try once its free of cost.

Its 100% avaible in USA and India this i can assure.

                             Indian users send your queries to 9773300000

                             USA users send your queries to 466453

Some Examples:

To Get a meaning of a Word Sms as
Define Friendship

To Get Live Cricket News Sms as
Live cricket scores

To Get Movie Shows in a particular place Sms as
Movies Bangalore

To Get The PNR status Sms as
 Your PNR number  

To Get The Seat Availability in train Sms as 
TRAIN AVAIL <train number> <start city> TO <end city> ON <date>

To Get the Train Fare Sms as
TRAIN FARE train number start city TO end city IN class of travel

To Get Horoscopes Sms as
horoscope <your birth date>
To Get the Share Updates Sms as
Stock tgt

To Get the Web Snippets Sms as
Web hubble

To Get Directions Sms as
directions Starting Point to Ending point
To Get the Result of a calculation Sms as
26*3-8+29                  (LOL this application will be in your mobile )

And Many More enjoy :)
Note:If you dont message pack/Free sms then standard sms charges may or may not apply.

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