TricksWorld 99: April 2012


How To Watch Live Streaming TV Online

Would you like to enjoy live streaming TV online . 
All of your most loved programs , live sporting events , Tv shows , movies , news and also your favourite music clips using only the world wide web and your laptop or desktop ? This is exactly what live streaming TV online can provide you with . This particular software was developed that will broadcast 1000s of worldwide tv programs onto your laptop or computer with simply no extra hardware installation . It is simply the most economical approach which doesn't require any type of recurring monthly payment fees . The application can be downloaded online and for a 1 ti strongest method with regard to communicating at this time , and now Television stations are usually broadcasting their signals using the world wide web . Now it's practical to see the majority of television programs from your personal computer , in fact it is as simple as loading a bit of computerme cheap transaction , not as much as the fee for a single months subscription to your dish company . The web is changing the landscape of the way in which information can be transferred . It's the software and selecting the actual station that you want to view .   

Live streaming tv online has become seriously popular amongst Television enthusiasts these days . In the computer software , you will find direct connects to more than 5000 higher definition tv channels around the globe which you can start viewing after you click on these items . These stations include many different different categories , like real-time sports , tv news , Tv shows , movie films , family Tv shows , factual programs and quite a few additional specialised programs . Lots of satellite tv customers are changing on to live streaming TV online because it is a lot more easily affordable and provides a host of additional channels . If you want much more information about where to down load the actual live streaming TV online software , click on the web page link listed below .ow . 
What Makes live streaming TV online Give good results ? It is a software package that can be
downloaded on-line for a minimal one-time payment . It makes it possible for anyp . c owner to always be equipped to watch a large number of tv programs via the internet free of charge without needing to set up any kind of hardware devices . To make certain you get the most suitable viewing experience , it is strongly advised that you have a very fast broadband internet link . 
Exactly What Are The Advantages of live streaming TV online ? 
I really look at this method to seem the cheapest , good value and even handy . This lets you watch television even when you are not able to leave behind your personal computer . Now I do not have a need to be seated in front of your tv set to view my favorite programs and I also don't have to chance missing any of them as a result of hectic schedule right now .Can There Be Other Methods to watch live streaming TV online ? 
You can watch real time Television with a satellite tv service which includes a bill every month , although using this method can get expensive over the duration . Other individuals would rather put in a satellite television dish that costs several 100's of dollars . Even so , I would not really advise newcomers to try apparatus techniques unless they've got a skilled technician to assist them to set up the actual units . If you think per month satellite tv subscription service fees are too pricey in your case , nevertheless , you also wish to benefit from seeing high-quality tv programs , you really should have a look at live streaming TV online computer software . It's allowed me personally to work or perhaps browse the net , and still watch my favorite programs simultaneously .
If you want to obtain this great piece of software ,just go to www

Computer Security Tips

Guys ,the term 'hacker' has been rampant around the internet recently.  
Actually , it has been the dirty word of the internet since the 80's and the classic hacker movies of the early 90's . It's not a word you want to throw around loosely ; it scares people and causes panic because the path of destruction can be crippling . 
Whether your 15 year old opened a scam email and infected your family computer , or a virus has taken down your entire system at the office - most people have witnessed the effects of an online security breach . 
While the term Hacker has seen resurgence with the handywork of LulzSec , and the recent attacks in Syria and Hong Kong ; now might be a good time to review a few tips to reduce your computer security risks . 
Computer Safety Tips-Run an updated virus protection : viruses change on a daily basis , make sure you have the right protection and that it isn't out of date or expired . 
Change your password regularly : Even a slight adjustment every few months will help , and keep it a secret ! 
Read and pay attention to the terms and copyrights of downloaded files : Don't just click 'ok' . Do a little bit of reading into what the file contains and where it will end up on your computer . 
Make sure your OS ( Operating System ) is patched : You can be left vulnerable without proper and up-to-date patches . If you are unsure about the staus of your patches , talk to your IT team ( or infrastructure host ) regularly about updates . 
Run backups on all your files ! It's simple , but too often underused . Just like Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City , you will be happy you did . 
Be conscious of how you are transmitting personal or sensitive information : don't send credit card info or passwords in the body of an email , it's just not safe . If you need to send information , attach it as a file or even better - pick up the phone and communicate it verbally . 
Lock your computer when it is unattended : this will save you from pranks and information stealing . It's
like leaving your baggage unattended at airports . . . 
Be careful of resource-intensive software/streaming files and media . Be proactive , set rules and limits at home and at the office . Make sure all media is downloaded from a reputable source . 
Choose a reputable host : Ask questions about security methods/systems , read customer testimonials , get what you pay for ! 
Some of these tips seem simple , routine and come second-nature . But incorporating all of these suggestions into your regular computer habits can save you a lot of devastation , recovery time and money at the hands of a hacker or a virus.

Windows 7 Manager

Friends ,Windows 7 Manager is a system utility that helps you optimize , tweak , and clean up Windows 7.

It will increase your system speed , improve system security , and meet all of your expectations .

Windows 7 is the newest Operating System for home users and professionals alike .

How To Write HTML In The Notepad

Guys ,if you use Windows Operating System , you don't need to buy or download an editor in order to write HTML . You have a perfectly functional editor built into your operating system called Notepad . 
In fact , for many people this is all the entire HTML editor they will ever need because it is free as well as simple .   
There are only a few steps to creating a Web page with Notepad or write HTML with Notepad : 
Open Notepad Notepad is nearly always found in your "Accessories" menu or you can go to start->run->type in Notepad , a notepad will open . 
Start writing your HTML Remember that you need to be more careful than in an HTML editor . You won't have elements like tag completion and validation which happens to be in software . 
Save your HTML to a file This is the tricky part . Notepad normally saves files as .txt . But since you're writing HTML , you need to save the file as .htm or html , both will work . 
If you're not careful , you'll end up with a file named something like filename .htm .txt 
Here's how to avoid that : 
Click on "File" and then "Save As" 
Navigate to the folder you want to save in 
Change the "Save As Type" drop-down menu to "All Files ( * .* )" 
Name your file , be sure to include the .htm extension e .g . homepage .htm 
Remember HTML isn't terribly hard to learn , and you needn't buy any
additional software or other items in order to put up your Web page . With Notepad , you can write complex or simple HTML and once you have learned the language , you can edit pages as quickly as someone with an expensive HTML editor . I too have mastered the HTML in the Notepad editor only without using any software

Windows Login Password Reset Boot Disk

Guys ,In this publish i am introducing a fantastic windows password recovery tool .   

This tool is so much easier and simple to use . 

Winlogon Password Reset is a powerful Windows password recovery tool . 

It enables you to log on to Windows by resetting the forgotten or expired password to blank , unlocking

Windows user account that is locked out or disabled . 

It supports resetting administrator and other user password for Windows XP / VISTA / 2008 / 2003 / 2000 n Windows 7 / 8 system . 

Even a very newbie can easily reset Windows password in minutes . 

Use this username
- Koma ,Password-94659-VOFVS-I5FFZ-BS055 after download this software . 

You may download this software from here. 

How To Speed Up the Dual Boot Timeout

Guys ,if you have dual-boot your computer with XP and another operating system.  
Everytime you see an operating system selection menu on startup . If you typically boot into Windows XP and not the other operating system , you can speed up the dual-boot timeout value so that you do not wait so long for the boot process to select your default operating system and continue with the boot process . The default timeout value is 30 seconds but you can change this setting to 10 . This gives you enough time to select the alternate operating system if you want but also speeds up the boot process . 
Follow these steps to do so : 
Locate the boot .ini file on your computer . It is a hidden file by default ; 
It is usually located in C :|boot .ini . 
Open the file with Notepad. 
Just change the Timeout value to
10 . 
Select File/Save and close Notepad . 
That' it .You have done it .

Tips To Fix Skype Lags Problem

Skype is one of the most popular softwares currently facing lagging issue.
Many users complained that Skype lags when they are chatting with their friends or talking in conferences/voice calls . I will guide you about the steps required to solve this problem 
Resolve Slow Internet Issues   
Defragment the Registry Portions used by Skype 
Increase Virtual Memory 
Delete Logs and Temporary Files 
Lower the Burden of Background Services 
Slow Internet Issues 
Skype is an internet-dependent application . In other words , an internet connection is required for making voice calls , video conferences , instant messages or file transfers . Without good internet connection , the specified processes cannot accomplish . 
Skype lags due to slow internet connection . Change your ISP and purchase a good internet service to fix the problem . 
Defragment the Registry Portions used by Skype 
Like other programs , Skype too stores the information in registry for accessing at a later time . Fragmented registry entries cause Skype to retrieve this information slower and thus we suffer from Skype lagging . 
The solution is to defragment your registry using a Registry Defragmenter program . Download System Utilities software that includes an inbuilt Registry Defragmenter feature . 
Delete Logs and Temporary Files 
System logs , temporary files and downloaded program files use your disk space for unproductive purpose and thus Skype lags . Deleting these files may fix the problem . Use a System Utilities software or otherwise the Disk Cleaner as shown below : 
Click Start . type Disk CleanUp in the Search box . ,Press ENTER . 
Select a drive and click OK button . 
Follow its instructions . 
In case your computer do not have sufficient amount of RAM , you are advised to increase the
size of virtual memory . The steps are as below : 
Right click My Computer and select Properties . 
Click Advanced System Settings link . 
Click Advanced tab . 
Click Settings button under Performance frame . 
Again , click Advanced tab . 
Click Change button under Virtual Memory frame . 
Increase the amount of virtual memory . 
Click OK | OK | OK . 
Restart the computer if prompted . 
Try once .

Linux Web Hosting Advantages

Guys ,the newbie in the Internet , it is essential to discuss the Linux OS , before web hosting is explained . Linux is an operating system developed by Linus Torvalds in the early 1990s and is a non-commercial platform . This is because the source code for Linux is free for everyone , and can easily be obtained from the Internet . A minor misconception prevails , with the general notion that "Linux" itself is free , which is not true . When purchase Linux from a distributor , they will provide you the source code free with the Linux distribution . 
Linux web hosting is potentially the most well-known platform for websites on the internet . The key factors , which makes Linux stand out in the crowd , is its stability and substantial robustness , making your website reliable and smooth . The benefits : 
Linux hosting has achieved a prior importance in the list of web hosting India , as it comes with free applications to aid smooth functioning of your website and keep it stable . It is an efficient option for the end user . 
It has interesting database compatibility like SQL or MySQL , because of no extra requirement of plug-ins . These databases permit the optimization in communication with your website . 
Website hosting on Linux servers are more capable to undergo the load than Windows hosting servers and are 50% more efficient in terms of performance . You can effortlessly get rid of the frequent shut down problems , whenever there is a massive traffic on the server , and enjoy the smooth and efficient working of your website . 
Adding to the benefits , Linux is less vulnerable to security breach , and is far more stable than any other web hosting . This directly increases its uptime and runs for a longer period of time without getting rebooted . While Windows hosting requires frequent rebooting , each time it is upgraded . The end user can thus relax as far as the security of the website is concerned with Linux . 
A very interesting feature of Linux is that it runs in different modules that are interlinked with one another , in a
such a manner that even if one of these modules break down , the system will shut down on its own , without damaging the other modules . 
Web hosting India has taken a quantum jump with so many benefits added to its list . Hosting a website through Linux is a full proof way to web hosting , which is equally light on the pocket . It is perfect for users who seek to run any application on the server . These entire benefits make Linux web hosting an ultimate choice for programmers and web designers .

How To Increase Internet Speed

Friends,internet Browsing : Set up to not to show or download images while browsing will open the pages instantly . This further enables you to read the content of the page without waiting for the entire page to load . This set-up can be easily done in Microsoft internet Explorer . All you need to do is go to : Tools -> Internet Options -> Advance Tabs -> Scroll down till you notice Show Pictures -> Uncheck . 
Firewalls : Blocking few programs that try to connect to the Internet will indeed assist to enjoy Internet with good speed . It is really surprising how many applications attempt to link to Internet without your consent . 
Download Managers : Ensure that you got a program with resume option . This feature enables you to continue downloading a file at the time when your Internet connection is lost while downloading . Few download links are not direct and do not support resuming . 
Cache : Never delete cache often , since your Internet connection is low . Your cache will not make up to gigabytes , thus do not freak out in case you get 200 MB files cached after thirty days . It is absolutely perfect . Relax ! 
Stop : Avoid using any connection . Upgrading the current Internet connection is one of the
finest ways for optimizing and boosting the speed of the internet . Use a connection that is reliable and effective . 
The above mentioned tips to may not prove to be handy every time , which further can put you in curios .

Idea free 3G Trick(APRIL 2012)

Hello friends,after a long while i am gonna posting a new working free idea 3G ans gprs trick for all of idea users.
As usual i am not posting any complicated trick.this trick is so simple anybody can do it.
Well,for this trick you have follow some steps given below:
First of all download a software called PD-PROXY.its a freeware software,search it on google.
Register Your self in the official website of PD-PROXY.
Make a free account in this site.they will send you your username or password in email.
They will give you a trial account.whenever your trial account will be finish,make a new account after deleting
cookies,cache.history of your browser.
After all this work just launch the PD-PROXY.
Enter your username n password.
In PD-PROXY go to the settings n click on show advance settings.
In advance settings click on
Parent Proxy.
Click on enable Parent Proxy n fill in the box-IP- and Port-3128.
Look down there will be an icon called headers,click on that and fill up costum http header value-X-Online-Host: and save this settings.
Now go back and connect it.after a while it will connect.
You have done it.Enjoy free Idea 3G unlimited free. 

RoboForm Password Manager Software

Guys,Roboform is the top-rated Password Manager asecurely stores online and offline passwords , automatically logs you into online accounts and completes online registration and checkout forms with one click . RoboForm is a push-button web form filler with some serious Artificial Intelligence inside . It allows you to define your personal profile or "usual" responses to a web form . This information is then saved , and when you need to fill a form , just click "Fill Forms" button , and form is filled out . Works as an add-on to Internet Explorer , Mozilla , Firefox web browsers .
RoboForm2Go works on USB Flash Drives . Plug your flash drive into any computer and enjoy all the benefits of RoboForm .
Install this version directly on your flash drive . Store and back up your RoboForm files on your Windows Mobile , Palm , or Symbian device . View and search RoboForm files . Includes full featured password generator .
AI RoboForm is fully client-based , so it is very fast , it never disables web site functions , and it works even in pop-up HTML windows . The most important feature of
AI RoboForm is high accuracy - it fills 95% of all fields correctly .
It works with IE 6 , 7 , 8
Firefox 2 , 3 , 3 .5
XP , Server , Vista , Windows 7
USB Devices
iPhone , WinMobile , Palm , BlackBerry , Symbian
Mac , Opera , Linux access through RoboForm Online
You can do with RoboForm-
Manage your passwords and Log In automatically .
Fill long registration and checkout forms with one click .
Encrypt your passwords to achieve complete security .
Generate random passwords to maximize password strength .
Back up and Synchronize Passwords between computers .
Fight Phishing and Defeat Keyloggers .
AutoSave passwords in browser .
AutoFill passwords to login form .
Click Login button for you .
Fill personal info into online forms .
Save offline passwords & notes .
Generate Secure Random Passwords .
Encrypt passwords and personal data using AES , Blowfish , RC6 , 3-DES or 1-DES algorithms .
All personal info is stored on your computer only .
Take RoboForm with you on USB disk for ultimate portability .
Sync your passwords and notes to Palm or Pocket PC .
Backup & Restore , Print your passwords .
More features : drill down for more .
It is well-behaved : NO ADWARE , NO SPYWARE .
Works under Windows as an add-on to IE-based browsers .
Works with Netscape , Mozilla , Firefox under Windows .
Download This Software From Here.

How to Schedule Windows 7 Automatic Shutdown

Friends ,in this post i am telling you how to fix a schedule to auto shutdown in windows7 .
For this task we have to need an application called TimeComX .
The software we will use TimeComX , a free software for Windows that I'm sure that a lot of you will love . It's interface is quite intuitive and It's available in English , so we have no problem ; the installing process is simple and fast .
Of course , first we have to download TimeComX from the official web site . Once downloaded , we proceed with the installation , which takes a few steps only .
Then we proceed to execute the program and creating the automatic shutdown task , but first it will ask the language we like to use ( we chose English , of course ) . After that , the main interface is visible , it's quite intuitive as I said before , but it's more like our Workspace .
Now well , to make/create the automatic shutdown we go to the "Task" tab and select "Shutdown" . This way you can see how the task schedule is created .
Once we chose this option , we go to the "Event" tab , where we click "Mode" and then choose "Advance Counter" to establish the time when our task will be executed . With this you can choose the exact time,then we hit "Play" and then our task is ready to execute .
Remember that the task will be executing it even after the
program is closed . This is a free program that you can use , you can also pick another tasks as alarms , reboot , etc .
Download it from here.

Hard Disk Drive(Hard Disk Wipe)

Guys ,if you have used your computer for more than few years now then you've possibly already reformatted your not so clean computer hard drive a few times . In most cases , it is because the actual clean computer hard drive has a tendency to accumulate all of this useless data , possibly even possibly damaging files in the form of spy ware , bloatware , malicious software as well as viruses . The fact is , a reformat is just about the most disruptive thing that you can do to your un clean computer hard drive in the sense that each one of your personal customised settings and installed programs are totally wiped as well as to begin from scratch with a clean computer hard drive obtaining everything back up to a level you're at ease with . Without a doubt , you'll be happy knowing there are , in fact , other ways if you have been contemplating "how to clean computer hard drive ," without needing to re-install anything yet again . And you'll be delighted to be aware you won't have to reinstall all of your current applications or backup your data files each time you do it . One specific technique for improving the computer as well as clean computer hard drive is through entering the registry . The registry stores all configuration settings and options on a Microsoft Windows system , whether or not they are computer software or hardware related . You're going to be shocked at just how very easily your pc registry can get clogged up after a few years of upgrading to new components or installing as well as deleting a small amount of programs , slowing the complete hard drive down along the way . Although you could manually go into the computer registry to make modifications , a small fault can stop computer drivers from launching , a great loss of performance in certain areas , or even loss in the cabability to boot up . This is exactly why Regicleanse and also other third-party windows registry cleaners are extremely popular to get a clean computer hard drive . While there's lots of widely used computer registry cleaners that are pretty straightforward , Regicleanse offers a selection of extra utilities that really help improve Laptop or computer configurations for speedier performance , cleanup junk file types , perhaps even prevent programs from running from start-up of which only reduce the boot-up operation . 
You will also find alternative methods which can help clean computer hard drive and prevent it from re-filling with unexpected bits and bytes . You really should try some of
them out considering the fact that a clean computer hard drive will not slow your computer down or hog resources from all of the malware , adware or viruses that could occupy it . Using a reliable anti-virus program in order to defend your laptop or computer is a great way to begin . Lots of the popular antivirus services assist in keeping adware and spyware and viruses away and prevent them from doing their sneaky task . One other way that functions to free up a lot of useful space would be to remove rarely used computer programs and getting rid of unused data after creating a backup for them .

Update Drivers(Fix and Update)

Friends allow me to share an awesome utility software for you .
Driver Update uses award-winning cloud technology to conveniently update multiple PC drivers simultaneously and in proper sequence . Drivers may also be available for free directly from manufacturers' Websites .
Updating System Drivers makes your computer run better . It prevents device errors and can even lend quicker repairs to future problems . SlimDrivers and DriverUpdate allow you to remove and update obsolete driver versions to prevent conflicts and maximize computer stability .
Better Controls
With SlimDrivers and DriverUpdate , you can take control of the various drivers on your PC . Quick setup lets you find outdated drivers , update old drivers and restore broken drivers just by pointing and clicking .
Optimizing your PC
Having a slimmed down update process makes it easier to get the latest drivers , including those that improve computer performance , PC function and user accessibility .

Computer Pranks

Guys ,In this post i am sharing a computer prank that you can play with your friend's Laptops and Computer .
Well ,generally WAV files are played with Windows Media Player .i am sharing a VBS-file that will run audio files that you can't see .
Just open the notepad and paste the following codes in it .
strSoundFile = "C :|WINDOWS|Media|YOURSOUNDFILE .wav"
Set objShell = CreateObject( "Wscript .Shell" )
strCommand = "sndrec32 /play /close" & chr( 34 ) & strSoundFile & chr( 34 )
objShell .Run strCommand , 0 , False
Now just change the ( YOURSOUNDFILE ) to the sound file you want to play . Now save the file to your harddisk , example :
C :/Sound .vbs .
Make double click on it to check it .
To play these files automaticly . You have to create task .
Go to Start>Control Panel>Scheduled Task>Import Task
Select your VBS file when the wizard asks if
you want to open a software application . You want your friend's computer beep at 12 .00pM .this is for windows 7 users .
For windows xp users-
Go to Start > All programs > Accessories > System Tools > Scheduled Tasks .
A new window will appear . Double click on "Add scheduled task" and follow the instructions .
That's it .

How To Clear Youtube Search History

Friends in this post i will tell you that how to delete your youtube search history from your computer .
Whenever you do searches on YouTube , it'ill be recorded in Google's user logs if you are signed in to your account . With Google's new policy update , they've started storing all searches and activities on all their services . According to Google , it may be due to security threats but their intention is clear that this data is enough to enhance social networking advertisements . But as a YouTube user , you have left with an option to delete the search history from your eyes . You can follow the below steps to delete search history from your PC or YouTube android application .
First of all , you need to sign-n to your personal YouTube account . Probably this will be your default Google account .
On the right top corner of the page , you have to click on your username and select Video Manager from the
drop-down list .
In the left pane , select search history and click "Clear all search history" and confirm . That's it . You also can delete all your video viewing history . To do this , select History from left side and repeat the above steps .
That's it .


Guys ,TurboFTP is a secure FTP client program for Windows 9x/ME/NT4/2000/XP/2003.
 It allows you to transfer files at turbo speed between your computer and virtually any FTP server with exceptional ease and when necessary , with strong encryption of industrial strength . The built-in Folder Synchronizer provides straightforward , visual and recursive comparison result and helps you synchronize files and directories between local and remote folders with minimum effort . Scheduled file transfer and automated folder synchronization can be easily achieved with the built-in Task Scheduler . You can have an notification e-mail sent to you upon completion of each schedule task or by error . It automatically attempts to resume broken transfer , redial and reconnect after detected lost of connection .
Connection Capability-Firewall support , including HTTP proxy , SOCKS 4 , SOCKS 4a
n SOCKS 5 .
including implicit and explicit SSL . Support client certificate .
Support secure FTP connection and file transfer with SSL/TLS .
OTP S/Key ( MD4 , MD5 ) password encryption .
Support SFTP ( Secure File Transfer Protocol ) over SSH2 .
Auto reconnect and broken transfer resume .
Strong interruption and stall protection and Auto Dial .
Anti-idle mechanism prevents connection time-out .
Passive mode support , configurable for
individual site .
Clipboard monitoring for FTP URLs
( ftp ://user :password@ftphost .com :port/path ) .
Remember recently connected sites for quick access .
Support redirected URLs .
Intuitive and Flexible Client Interface
A powerful Upload Wizard allows you to upload files right from Windows Shell using Shell context menu .
Context sensitive help .
Quick connect bar .
Windows XP compatible and XP theming .
FTP Connection Wizard .
Drag and drop to download/upload files ; drop to sub-folders .
Drag and drop from Windows Explorer .
File info tooltip ( useful for long filenames , and file size ) .
Show directory information ( number of selected files and all files , total size and free space ) in real time .
Minimize to system tray .
Built-in Sync Service Module for Scheduled FTP and SFTP File Replication and Synchronization
Run FTP and SFTP schedule task as a NT service .*
Run programs before and after a schedule task .
Support dependency of tasks .
Multiple simultaneous schedule tasks .*
Use different dialup connection for individual site .
Comes with a log file viewing tool - TurboLogViewer which offers many handy features like collapsing/expanding log • sessions , syntax highlighting , bookmarking etc , all making viewing and analysing log file much easier .
Mastering Your Web / FTP Site
Folder Synchronizer provides visual comparison of local and remote directory structures , where files to be transferred , updated or removed are clearly marked with action icons based on the selected Synchronization Scheme . After review and necessary modifications you can then update destination directory , including any subdirectories with one click .
Advanced Auto Upload ( AAU ) . Monitors a local folder and upload new files , updated files or both . Supports sub folders , filters and can run as NT service .*
Basic Auto Upload . Monitors a local folder and upload any new files that arrive in it .
Support on-the-fly data compression using MODE Z .
Simple local and remote directories compare .
Bookmarks - one-click access to any local/remote folder .
Automatic upload/download filename case conversion and Auto Rename .
Only download/upload newer files .
Recursive delete of remote directory .
Automatically and correctly resolve unix links .
Support UNIX , UNIX-compatible , DOS-style , VMS , VAX , OS/2 , AS-400 , Novell Netware ( v4 and onwards ) , VxWorks and Apple OS FTP directory listing .
Manually execute your own commands on remote server .
Automatically send user-defined FTP commands after logon .
Directory listing filtering that allows you to ignore files by directory or wildcards .
Show Owner and Group information of remote listing .
Report total size and number of files in a directory and all its subdirectories .
Show server file time in local time zone according to specified time offset .
Group select of files using wildcard .
Remote file attribute modification ( CHMOD ) .
Change server login password .
Remote editing - edit and update web page online .
Remote directory caching .
Management of Site Profiles
Site Address Book - sites organized in a tree structure . Easily organized with drag and drop , copy and paste .
Can import site information from CuteFTP , WS_FTP , Bulletproof FTP , LeapFTP and FTP Explorer . Support all formats of CuteFTP site information data file and can import passwords - tree .dat , smdata .dat , SM .dat .
Stored login passwords are encrypt .
Upload / Download
Recursive directory upload or download .
Scheduled transfer support , featuring comprehensive scheduling options and scheduled automated File Synchronization . Only download/upload files that are new or updated , delete downloaded files from remote server , etc . Ideal for automated file backup and mirroring . Built-in Schedule Sync Task Wizard makes creating a complex sync task a bleeze .
Send E-mail report upon schedule task complete.
Command line support .
A transfer queue that can handle files to/from any site and any directory .
Ability to preserve server file time on downloaded files .
Ability to transfer files larger than 4Gb.
Resume download/upload . Option to use APPE to resume uploads .
Download/upload speed limits - reserve bandwidth ( for e .g . web browsing ) while transferring files .
Upon transfer complete automatically hang up modem or shut down/ log off computer .
Select servers in Address Book to expand queued upload list to multiple servers .
Download from here.

How to Create a Custom Theme for Google Chrome

Have you ever wished that you could create your own custom theme for your chrome browser to make it more personalized, well how about adding you personal images as the background or adding an image of your lover and gifting that theme to her on her birthday or some other occasion. Well we found an interesting custom theme creating extension for Google Chrome which can create those beautiful themes just in minutes.

Creating Custom Chrome Theme with My Chrome Theme Extension :
My Chrome Theme extension for Google chrome helps you in removing those technical bonds for creating beautiful themes for your browser. You just need an image and some colors skills and boom you will have your theme ready for your applying to your browsers and sharing with your friends.
1. Install the My Chrome Theme extension and than you will see its icon click on that icon and you will be on their creation page.
2. Click on Start Making Theme and than upload any nice image which you wanna make the background of your browser, like I chose mine websites image and see how it looks good.
3. Now you also get options to Adjust the Positions of your image, so if you wanna make it centered or align it left you can do that in this step. When you are comfortable with the settings just click on Continue to Step 2.
4. Now you will see page giving you options to customize the colors of your tabs, status bar and background color. So try to give it a nice contrast. When you are done click on Create my Theme.
5. Now your theme will be processed and you will get an option to Install the Theme right on your browser and also with a link which you can share with all your friends and rest of the world, so that they can also enjoy that marvelous theme.
So I hope this small and nice tutorial will help you in creating some awesome creative themes for Google Chrome Browser, if you find any problems using this theme creator feel free to comment below.


For downloading the above theme click on the following link:
click here