TricksWorld 99: [How To]Google Adsense Account Approval Trick 2013


[How To]Google Adsense Account Approval Trick 2013

Google Adsense Account Approval Trick 2013
Hello Friends,
Google Adsense approval one of the difficult thing in the world which most of the bloggers/website owners facing.
So here am providing a simple trick where you can get your adsense account get approved in few days.

 Things involved in this tricks:

  • A new email id ( better a new gmail id)
  • Adsense approval via Third parties.
  • A smart Trick which i will explain further.

 Steps to be followed:
  • Open a new e-mail account
  • Adsense approval via some Third Parties Starts here:

 Third parties Accounts like:
  •   Docstoc
  •   Hubpages
  •   Fixya
  •   Webanswers

I prefer as the best.

Now we will learn how to deal with

  •  Open
  •  Create an account with Docstoc with the new gmail id you created.
  •  Just follow the steps it will ask for creating a adsense account. Just Create It.
  •   Your account will be reviewed so if your need to get approved then you need to     upload some 15 Pdf Unique articles to docstoc. So please Prepare your articles and then apply for adsense trough docstoc because when adsense starts reviewing your account and if it finds 0(zero) Pdf articles it ll disapprove.
  • For uploading Pdf articles please dont use
  • Just copy the blogposts in your blog which must be completely unique and just save them as a pdf file.
  •  After uploading and applying for adsense  you will get a mail that your adsense account has been approved.
  •   Now  just Serve the ads provided by docstoc on your website for 5 days. 
  • It will not give any income. But you need to add the ads via docstoc on your blog for some days.
=> Some important Conditions if your Adsense Account needs to be approved
  •     If you have not uploaded 10-15  pdf articles, your account will get disapproved with the reason.(the reason is insufficient content)
  •    Am warning you not to click even one of your own ad.
  •     Make your account secure.

=> Some  disadvantages of  DocStoc Adsense Account

  •     You will not be able to earn income.
  •     Even if you earn you will be getting only 50% earnings from docstoc of your adsense earnings.
  • There are chances that adsense account via docstoc will get easily disapproved.

                 => The Smart Trick Starts Here:

  •   After 5 days, just go to adsense sandbox and just  check if  the preview of ads available and If the ads are available just leave the sandbox site.
  •  Sign in  to your blogger account.
  •  Just Remove the docstoc Ads from your blog/website.
  •     Leave blogger.
  •     Now  you need to apply for adsense account genuinely.
  •     Open this url now
  •     Apply for an adsense account.
  •     During the review , check out  the adsense sandbox  to see if the ads are available.
  •    After the  partial review by adsense, add the ad codes on your website.
  •    Please Wait for two days.
  •    You will be now Happy to see Google ads on your website.

Some of you may ask why i have not added google ads on my site????
Because just before a month i changed my blogspot url because my url contained the word H/-\CK.
So i will apply for adsense once again after a month.
Please comment here if the trick worked or just comment what all problems you faced.

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