TricksWorld 99: How to move Photos/Albums From Facebook To Google Plus


How to move Photos/Albums From Facebook To Google Plus

How to move Photos/Albums From Facebook To Google Plus
Hello Friends,
Facebook which is the best social networking site and is the 2nd website in world.Recently Google Plus joined the race.
But the Tricks Here is some of you need to share your facebook albums/photos in google plus.
So it can be done easily and one more thing in this trick is that you can even upload your tagged photos to google plus. 

=>Yes, helps you in downloading your photos from any Facebook album you can view it (what am trying to tell is you can even download others album)

Steps to be followed to move your photos from Facebook to Google Plus:

  • Visit the and just download and install the addon (Its available for Both Google Chrome and Firefox)
  •  Now just Navigate to a facebook photo album which you need to transfer to your Google Plus account
  •     Enter a name for the album in the text box on your brand new spanking photoimporter toolbar.
  •   Now Click the  "make album"
  •    Now you may repeat the above 3 steps with as many different facebook albums you want.
  •   When you have recorded the information of all the albums you wish to import to google Plus, click "submit all albums"
  •     You will be brought back to and given a link to login to your google account
  •     As soon as  you have logged in to google account it will begin the processing of your photos, upon completion it will give you a link to your new albums on google
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