TricksWorld 99: How To Increase Likes for Facebook Page?[Free Facebook likes]


How To Increase Likes for Facebook Page?[Free Facebook likes]

LikeUb lets you earn up to 25% of the Likes generated by new members you recruit!
Every member who signs in with your link becomes your referral and gets you Likes on LikeUb. To get referrals, introduce LikeUb to your friends, share your referral link on your Facebook page, talk about it on your favorite forum, blog or on your website!

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How it works
LikeUb will help you get more Likes for your Facebook page.
This new concept is based on reciprocity. To earn Likes for your page, you just have to Like other members’ pages.
Step 1
Add your Facebook page to the tab My Pages.
LikeUb will approve your page straightaway!
Step 2
Click on Open the Viewer to start earning your Likes.
Click on Like if you like the page displayed.

Multiply your Likes with referrals!
With LikeUb, the most effective way to earn Likes for free is with referrals!
Tell your friends and family about LikeUb, put ads on your Facebook page, and earn up to 25% of the Likes generated by the people you refer

For example
If you recruit 20 members and they each earn 15 Likes a day:
  • In 1 week : 20 members x 15 Likes x 7 days x 20% = 420 Likes
  • In 1 month : 20 members x 15 Likes x 30 days x 20% = 1 800 Likes
  • In 3 months : 20 members x 15 Likes x 90 days x 20% = 5 400 Likes

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