TricksWorld 99: cs 1.6 wall + aimbot (100 % working)


cs 1.6 wall + aimbot (100 % working)

Hiiii guys,
Everyone play counter strike, but i am going to teach how we can wall  and aimbot in CS 1.6 and have fun.

What is WALL and AIMBOT?????
      You can view the enemies behind the wall , find out them  and shoot and hence you can score well and                have fun.
This is cheating but use only to have fun. Dont make it a habit of using it in servers coz if they find out that your using it then they will ban you :D

cs 1.6 wallhack + aimbot

 Aimbot helps you to aim your enemies for head shot... you just need to fire rest is taken care by aimbot. I suggest you not to score more in short time coz the server people will catch you.
Am not responsible if your banned from the server.
 How to wall  and aimbot???

  •  Download the files given below.
  • extract both the files and follow the steps as shown in the video.

     PLS watch this video after downloading the file to follow the steps to wall hack and aimbot

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